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A Heritage of Openness


The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has a long heritage of openness to other Christian traditions, having come into existence as a 19th century movement protesting denominational exclusiveness. At the local level and beyond, Disciples are frequently involved in cooperative and ecumenical work. Even though the denomination experienced divisions and separations over the years, it continues to work toward unification of all Christians.


In 1989, the Disciples and the United Church of Christ declared that "a relationship of full communion now exists between our two churches." The ecumenical partnership rests on shared values and practices. In the wider ecumenical movement, Disciples have held theological conversations with the Roman Catholic Church and with the World Alliance of Reformed Churches.

We of First Christian Church Baltimore actively embrace our heritage of openness with several ecumenical initiatives, including hosting Faith Partners in our First Christian Church building, offering ecumenical Taizé meditation/music worship services during Lent, and collaborating with the Interfaith Community of Roland Park.