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Disciples Mission Fund


As a member congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination, we participate with the Disciples Mission Fund. A report on our giving for 2011 may be downloaded.

The Disciples Mission Fund is the common giving fund of the Disciples international church. The Disciples Mission Fund supports 72 ministries of wholeness as close as our local congregation and reaching around the globe. As a Global Mission church, we understand that equipping congregations for mission includes learning from, learning with and offer support our partners beyond the borders of the United States and Canada.

Week of Compassion Special Offering

Week of Compassion is the Disciples witness in the face of natural or man-made disasters. Floods, hurricanes, fire, civil wars, poverty, disease are only a few of the challenges Week of Compassion responds to on behalf of Disciples. The Special Day offering is the only church-wide effort to provide general funding for the ministry.

WOC is traced back to an informal collection in 1938 among Christian Churches to "do something to for the advancement of world causes of the brotherhood," in response to displacement of Chinese people by invaision forces. Today, Week of Compassion, through its partnerships, will respond to human needs around the world. Disciples bring hope to situations of natural disaster, war and famine, more efficiently than ever before thanks to the faithful gifts of local congregations. With your continued support, Week of Compassion will remain responsive to Christ's call to both short term relief and long term partnerships in order to empower our brothers and sisters around the world.

Week of Compassion Special Offerings in Worship during 2011: Feb. 20th & 27th

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Easter Special Offering

Easter provides support for the General Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ.) These ministries operate across the U.S. and Canada and around the world. General ministries partner with regions to strengthen congregations for the mission of the church. General ministries that receive support from the Easter Offering:

Central Pastoral Office for Hispanic Ministries

Church Extension

Council on Christian Unity

Disciples of Christ Historical Society

Disciples Home Missions

Division of Overseas Ministries/Global Ministries

Higher Education and Leadership Ministries

National Benevolent Association

National Convocation

North American Asian/Pacfic Disciples

Pension Fund

Easter Special Offering Dates in Worship during 2011: April 17th & 24th


Pentecost Special Offering

Pentecost gifts support the development and growth of new churches. Fifty percent of the offering is available for new church ministries in the giving region and the remainder supports the General Assembly’s New Church Priority that is housed in Church Extension. All gifts to the Pentecost Offering directly support the operating expenses of new congregations and the training of new church pastors, mentors and coaches. The New Church Ministry uses half the funds for projects across the nation. The other half is used for projects in regions where the funds were contributed.

Why start new churches? (1) The number of existing churches is insufficient for the entire population. (2) New people come to new churches. (3) New churches provide new models. (4) Demographic shifts occur. (5) New churches are the future's legacy. (6) New churches respond to the ethnic growth of our country. (7) New churches help us to obey the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19.

Pentecost Special Offering Dates in Worship during 2011: June 5th & 12th

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Reconciliation Special Offering

Recognizing that the body of Christ is made up of members from every tongue, hue and culture, we seek wholeness at God's abundant table. As one of the four mission priorities of our Church, Reconciliation Ministry welcomes you to our intentional effort to become a Pro-Reconciling/ Anti-Racist church - a church where the gifts of all of God's children are honored and shared. For more than 40 years Disciples have had a visible ministry to address the racism in society. Gifts support programs and initiatives aimed at dismantling racism. Reconciliation Ministry addresses historic fractures caused by racism and the systems that perpetuate it. It is the goal of our shared work to foster life-giving community within our church and in relationship with the whole family of God. We accomplish this mission through intentional dialogue, inclusive worship and experiential education.

Reconciliation Special Offering Dates in Worship during 2011: Sept. 25th & Oct. 2nd

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Thanksgiving Special Offering

For two centuries, Disciples theological institutions, colleges and universities have trained leaders to think clearly and rationally and to minister to the world around them. Fourteen Colleges and Universities and seven Theological Institutions serving serve nearly 27,000 students in a wide variety of settings - from rural college towns with several hundred students to a metropolitan setting with almost 9,000 students - receive direct support through this offering, further nurturing the relationship between the church and educational institutions. Your support of the Thanksgiving Offering provides scholarships and pastoral care and directly impacting the lives of leaders who will serve the church for years to come. These schools all share a commitment to the church, emphasize spiritual faith and values, and cherish a commitment to a liberal-arts education.

Thanksgiving Special Offering Dates in Worship during 2011: Nov. 13th & 20th

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Christmas Special Offering

The Christmas Offering directly supports regions in their mission to extend the ministry of Christ in mission, teaching, witness, and service among the people and social structures of the region. Regions also establish, receive, and nurture congregations, providing help, counsel, and pastoral care to members, ministers, and congregations in their mutual relationships, and relating them to the worldwide mission and witness of the whole church.

Regional Ministries provide pastoral care and enrichment programs in 33 areas of the U.S. and Canada. Regions are often known for their outstanding camp and conference programs as well as the development and ordination of ministry candidates. All funds raised through the Christmas Special Day Offering remain in the region given.

Christmas Special Offering Dates in Worship during 2011: Dec. 4 & 11

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