May 28, 2017


Your Prayers are Requested for the Following:


Our Community

Janet Dischinger, sister of Judy Dischinger

Tivvis Simms, Janet CaughlinÕs niece

Joan Case and her dog, Lady, who is ill

LePage Brookes, in rehab at Franklin Woods, 9200 Franklin Square Drive, Baltimore, MD 21237

Diane McCoy, improved healing

Candi Bures, 410-458-8087 (cell)

Bette Miles, dealing with a fall and broken bones

Nonie Courtney

Catherine Smedley

Mary Leedy, room #417, phone, 410-842-0282

Doris Stadler, Stella Maris, Room 227C, Phone: 410-427-7678                              

Leroy and Sharon Simms, health issues

LuLaRoe Tuesdays


Our Friends

Vicki Reed, recuperating from surgery, Orlo and CraftonÕs cousin

Mya, 2 year old who has been diagnosed with leukemia, and her                         

         mother, Chrissy, friend of Valerie Welch

Brooks Silver, brain tumor treatment, son of Janet ReisterÕs friend

Kathe Horton, from The Gathering – awaiting surgery

Tom and Dolly Wheatley, friends of Lynn Hubin

Trent Owings, failing health

Re Ward, friend of Lynn Hubin and Faith & Film member

Patricia Rausch, Hank Gordes' niece, 2nd stage of ParkinsonÕs

Rick Dorr, son of Jeanne Dorr

Jo Anne Hauck, friend of Lynn Hubin

University Christian Church, Hyattsville, MD

Judy Chan - missionary to Hong Kong


Our World

People who have lost their faith or are seeking

Refugees, Immigrants and their host countries

Victims of man-made and natural disasters

The victims and the perpetrators of violence

Abused individuals and abusers – may God change their lives

The Unemployed, for productive, healthy waiting and for work


Contact Rev. Cook or the Church Office with your prayer requests.